Mt. Ararat, or Massis, is an extinct volcano with double cone-shaped peaks; the larger peak is 5165 meters high, while the smaller one is 3925 meters high.

Ararat is the highest mountain of historical Armenia, now in Turkey.  According to the Bible, Noah's ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat and thus Ararat was called "the mountain of Noah the patriarch" (MONTE DELL' ARCA DI NOE).

Mt. Ararat is the sacred symbol of the national consciousness and dreams of the Armenian people, which has been sung and glorified by numerous Armenian poets from ancient times to our days.

The photographs and text about Mount Ararat, found on this and other pages, as noted, are taken from: Ararat, Holy See of Etchmiadzin;  Photographer: Sargis K. Hambartzumian, Illuminator: Albert Karagian, Erebouni Publication, Printed in Finland by Yhteiskirjapaino Oy 1984.

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