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Treasures from the Ark: 1700 Years of Armenian Christian Art

Hardcover: 240 pages (September 2001);Getty Trust Publication;
ISBN: 0892366397

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5 star rating

In 301 C.E., the Armenian people became the first to adopt Christianity as their official religion, and Nersessian (curator of Armenian collections at the British Library) celebrates 1700 years of Armenian Christian art in this exhibition catalog. Armenia's precarious political and geographical position directly affected the spread of Christianity, the place of the Armenian church in Christendom, and the development of a uniquely Armenian iconography. Unfortunately, this position also led to invasion and foreign rule throughout much of Armenia's history. The photos cover sculpture, metal works, textiles, carved wood, ceramics, and manuscripts, while the text builds a firm foundation through coverage of geography, history, religion, and politics, showing how religion and language held the Armenians together . . .

by Vrej Nersessian, British Library

Armenian-Americans: From Being to Feeling Armenian

Hardcover, 511 pp.
ISBN: 1560000252

Online at:

"...Based on the results of an extensive mail questionnaire survey, in-depth interviews, and participant observation ...this book analyzes the individual and..."

by Anny Bakalian

The Eaglet

Hardcover, 309 pp.
ISBN: 1579214533

Online at:

"The princes of the nation are confronted with an overwhelming crisis- yield to the monarch's unequivocal demand, or suffer the certain devastating invasion by the monarch's mighty armies..."

by Arra Avakian

The Duduk and National Identity in Armenia

Hardcover, 141 pp.
ISBN: 0810840758

Online at:

This book outlines "the duduk, a cylindrical double-reed aerophone made of apricot wood, and its relationship to Armenian culture..."

by Andy Nercessian

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