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Do you need to know how to greet an Armenian during the Holidays? Have you been asked to say a prayer during a gathering? Or, maybe you are meeting with a church official and need to know how to address him...Click here for quick access to these and more.

Religious History

As a Christian child, you learned about the life of Jesus and the Enlighteners.  Whether you are doing research, would like to renew your spiritual health by remembering those stories, or would like to teach your own children, click here.

The Armenian Church


The Church Today

The Armenian Church has a wealth of spiritual resources to offer you know how its structured? Have you heard about its programs and events? Are you aware that there's an empty space reserved there for you?

V. Rev. Fr. Chiftjian

Meet the Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian.  He has contributed greatly to the wealth of the Armenian Church and communities around the world.  This section gives you insight into some of the contributions he has made.

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