Baptisms may be performed at any time, in accordance to the following rules: 

-- In the case of the Baptism or Confirmation of a child, the consent of the subjectís parents or legal guardians is required. 

--The godfather of the child to be baptized must be an adult, baptized and confirmed member of the Armenian Apostolic Church. 


In exceptional cases, the godfather may be a member of the Roman Catholic, Oriental Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox Churches. A member of the Protestant Church may become a godfather only in the event that he receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, if he is already baptized. A non-Christian is not acceptable as a godfather under any circumstance. 

The Sacrament of Baptism should be performed in the Holy Font of the Armenian Church. Only under special circumstances is it permissible to perform it at home, as when the child is very sick or the parents live far from the Church. 

Preferably, the first name of the baptized, otherwise the middle name, should be distinctly Armenian. In this respect, the Pastor should have discussed this matter with the parents in advance and given the necessary explanation, along with a list of Armenian names. 

In the case of the baptism of illegitimate children the explanation "Child of the Church" shall be recorded instead of the fatherís name.

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