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A Brief Biography of the Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian

The Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian was born in Lebanon.  He received his preliminary education from the Khanamirian School. From there, he was accepted into the Theological Seminary of the Catholicossate of Cilicia.  After graduating from the Seminary's undergraduate program, he was ordained a deacon.  And during his three years of deaconship, he specialized in theological studies at the Seminary, eventually graduating from that program.  Upon graduation, he was ordained as Celibate Priest by the director of the Cilician Catholicossate Christian Education Program, His Grace Father Zareh Archbishop Aznavorian.  And upon completion of his graduate thesis, "St. Nerses of Lampron and his 'Explication of the Twelve Prophets' ", he was ordained Vartabed by Father Karekin II, Catholicossate of Cilicia. While serving as editor in chief of "Hasg",  the official newspaper of the Catholicossate, the 

Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian also served as the personal secretary and staff bearer of His Holiness, the Catholicos.  He then became a professor at the Theological Seminary of the Catholicossate of Cilicia, lecturing on topics from the holy writings, and at the University of the Catholicossate of Soorp Echmiadzin, lecturing for a one year term on the history of the Church. He has been a spiritual advisor for the Armenian Church University Students' Association (ACUSA), organizing events and lectures for the Armenian collegiate student body. And currently, the Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian is assistant to the Prelate of the North Amernican Western Prelacy, and director of several Christian Education programs.  He is also a lecturer of issues of morality and religion in several Armenian schools.

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