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The Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian's Inspiring Articles

The Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian currently has a weekly column in the print version of Asbarez Daily Newspaper.  His articles are published in both Armenian and English.  They are read and re-published internationally.  From his experiences as a preacher and counselor to the Armenian community, the Very Reverend Father Chiftjian draws his inspirations for articles, aiming to make them educational and to assist people in improving their spiritual health.  For this reason, he writes on a wide range of moral and ethical issues.  Now, you can read, print, and save his articles online, with a click of a button.  Simply select a reading from below and you will see the full text of his article. 

Articles from the collection Morality, Church, and Modern Times (Los Angeles, 1999)
Translated from Armenian by Arra S. Avakian

Articles in Armenian coming soon!


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