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The Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian
As a Preacher . . .

The Very Reverend Father Krikor Chiftjian's sermons are well known to Armenian communities around the world.  Interesting and educational, his sermons have helped revive and attract church membership and Sunday services.

At each sermon, he gives his audience insight into a unique topic of the Bible.  He relates the topic to the current audience to interest them, and he offers a moral, or a theme, the audience can take with them once they leave the Church.  His sermons are interesting and easy to understand for the audience - from the young to the old. 

For the past several years, V. Rev. Chiftjian has been preaching in churches through southern and northern California, in addition to authoring articles, books, and serving as a teacher in several Armenian high schools.

He is clearly dedicated to the benefit of his community, and we appreciate all the work he has done in bringing the people back to church.

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